What is By the Numbers?

The By the Numbers Method (BtN) is a system for teaching and coaching the exercises commonly utilized in high-intensity Strength & Conditioning programs. It emphasizes progression at every level, building exercises pose-by-pose, movement skill exercise-by-exercise, and testing movement skill with incremental increases in volume, load, and intensity.

We offer online courses, mentorship programs, in-person seminars, and educational materials.


The BtN Philosophy

BtN is based on the book By the Numbers: A Practical Method for Instructing Multi-Modal General Physical Preparedness Training. In it, author Sean Manseau combines ten years of MMGPP coaching with his background as a character animator to create a standardized system of instruction that's easy for trainers to implement and easy for clients to understand.

By insisting that clients master simple exercises before tackling more complex movements, BtN helps create gym cultures devoted to the pursuit of mastery. This goes for clients, and coaches, too. Our fervent belief is that developing virtuosic teaching and coaching skills will help trainers thrive in an evermore competitive market.


The Upshot

The By the Numbers Method is all about creating the best-moving general population gyms in the world. Want yours to be one of them? Let us help you make that happen. Start teaching BY THE NUMBERS today!